The Hunt
    This piece is from our "Slab Box Series".
    The image on the front of the vessel is a leopard on the prowl.
    Colors include rich terracotta, green and ivory.
    The side panels feature a flourish of stylized leaves and a large leaf,
    decorated with gold leaf.
    The lid is enhanced by a hand-carved koi figure and semi-precious
    bead and a fiber brush.
    A truly monumental piece.           
    It measures 26"x 9"x 9"  
    Slab Beetle Box
    This piece is features drawings various types beetles in the front
    panel. The box pictured here, shows a Hercules Scarab beetle.
    The body of the box is available in amber, purple, green or deep
    These boxes measure 12”x9”x6.5
    Lizard Box
    This vessel features the image of a large lizard crawling up the
    sides of the piece. Rich earth-tones make it compatible with many
    The lid is finished with semiprecious beads and a fiber bundle.
    Piece measures 21”x8”x8”  
    Tall Beetle Box with Niche
    This form is very elegant, with a decidedly Asian feel. The box
    handle is inspired by torii, the gates at the entrances of Japanese
    Shinto shrines. These gates mark the gateway between the
    physical and spiritual worlds.
    The face of the vessel is decorated with various exotic florals. The
    one pictured shows stylized Vanda orchids. The niche houses a
    green Scarab beetle.
    The lid is crowned by a gold-trimmed fan-shaped finial. The back
    of the vessel is glazed a in a  coordinating color and is graced by a
    trio of Ginkgo leaves.
    Piece measures 23”x8”x5”
    Undulating Vessel With Iris
    The sinuous shape of this form is decidedly feminine and
    brings to mind the delicacy and linear beauty of Ukiyo-e.
    The central panel features the image of Irises in bloom.
    The colors irises can be customized to your specifications.
    This form is also available in purple or green.
    Piece is available in two sizes:
    14”x9”x4” -  $860.
    19”x12”x5” -  $1180.00
    Personalized Funerary Urns
    Many of our vessels can be used as cremation urns, but we created this vessel specifically for
    this purpose.
    Send us a photo of your loved one, we will then render it, to make it look more painterly.
    Upon your approval of the image, we then create a photo transfer for the front of the urn.
    The photo does not necessarily have to be a picture of the person, you may also use a favorite
    place, or moment in their lives,  making the piece one-of-a-kind and very personal.
    Urns are available in a choice of colors. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
    The urns measure 12”x9”x6.5 $410.